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Dawg Pride Inception

How We Started

DawgPride, was founded in 2012 by two seriously dedicated Georgia bulldog fans (James and Brittany – Pictured). When we met, we were excited to discover we both shared a love for the Georgia Bulldogs. We would call each other the night before games and discuss our thoughts/feelings towards the outcome and share nervous game-day jitters. That’s how we first got the idea for DawgPride. We decided to create a fan page on facebook to hype up and unite UGA fans around the country and to give voice to those fans. That night we created a logo and a few pieces of unique UGA art to share with the bulldog nation. In July a small facebook page was created with custom UGA graphics made by James and Brittany. After establishing the facebook page, DawgPride took off growing over 25,000 fans in a relatively short time.

The Rise of Dawg Pride

Soon after establishing our facebook page, we created the first dawgpride website. The overall purpose of the first website was a place for us to post blogs on our thoughts and opinions of the Georgia Bulldog Athletic program. We would discuss rivals, new recruits, coaching, and discuss the highs and lows of the season connecting with thousands of like minded UGA fans.

In 2013, we were approached by an officially licensed UGA printing company to create custom UGA t-shirt designs. That year we released the "UGA Traditions" t-shirt and "Friends don't let friends wear orange" t-shirt. Our t-shirts were sold and distributed to many sports enthusiast apparel stores around Georgia. Soon even UGA acknowledged us by displaying our graphic for the "Orange is ugly" art on the scoreboard during big the Tennessee Game.

It was an unreal feeling going to a game and seeing people in the crowd wearing people wearing our designs. We since have created several UGA shirt collections. We are most know for our rival "smack series", but we also have a "vintage series", a "deep south series", and coming very soon a "savages series" t-shirt lines. We have even created some of the Game day T-shirt Designs for UGA.

Saying Goodbye the Brand

Changing the logo

We initially chose the Georgia Arch to represent the face of our company. The arch is present on the campus of the University of Georgia and represents the past, present, and future of the facility as well as the students. The Athens arch was modeled after the Georgia arch which represents the three pillars of wisdom, justice, and moderation. Unfortunately, last year we were forced to change our logo by request of the University. The new logo redesign took several months to perfect and was recently unveiled to our fans.

A Full Circle

Embracing the spirit of change, we have changed our logo, our website, and our management. What originally started as a two man operation has grown and now includes many new faces as well as opportunities that were once not available to us. This means we will be able to produce more licensed UGA products throughout the year, offer UGA products beyond the DawgPride brand, post more up to date sports news articles and much more.